Construction Litigation

ConstructionContractors and Sub Contractors Often Need a Legal Ally

Construction is big business—both figuratively as regards to the capital involved in financing building projects, and literally as in the physical size of most construction efforts. This means that there's a lot of money tied to many opportunities for something to go wrong which is always fertile ground for litigation. Not surprisingly then, both contractors and their subcontractors may find themselves as defendants in lawsuits over allegations of construction defects in commercial construction settings as well as residential buildings. On the other hand, both general contractors and subcontractors might need to sue clients in order to get payment for the work they've done or for breach of contract.

When it comes to these types of cases, Kronenberg Law has trial experience that is atypical of many construction lawyers. Whether a contractor is looking for the strongest possible defense in a liability suit or is seeking to recover moneys owed, the team at Kronenberg Law has the necessary resources—and just as important—the determination to win.

Construction litigation requires experience and legal accumen. If you need assistance, call Kronenberg Law today.