Employment Litigation

Employment Litigation

employmentEye of the Beholder—Defending Discrimination and Wrongful Termination Suits

Modern business owners and executives know that managing human resources comes with concerns far beyond time cards and vacation schedules. Who you hire and fire, as well as how they perceive the workplace environment, can all become fodder for employment litigation.

Though business owners strive to obey the law, what that means is often fraught with gray areas: What do you do when a compliment directed to one person is taken as sexual harassment by another? When does a joke become a red flag hoisted by a hostile workplace? What does “equal opportunity” really mean? Or what constitutes “undue hardship” for a company in accommodating the ADA?

It’s difficult to follow regulations that are constantly being reworked and rewritten, but that doesn’t stop companies from being sued. Familiarity with precedent is really the only safe harbor. Kronenberg Law has navigated these difficult situations many times for our clients, providing strenuous defense in discrimination and wrongful termination suits. In employment litigation cases, the kind of experience you’ll find at Kronenberg Law is invaluable.

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