Insurance Litigation

Insurance Litigation

InsuranceUnderstanding the Root of ‘Bad Faith’ Claims

Insurance protects people and businesses from financial loss resulting from misfortune—often because someone "made a mistake." Likewise, there are times when insurance for the insurers would have been a good idea. Insurers, brokers, agents and consumers are all fallible people with the potential of making an error that could put someone's business, home or health at risk.

Perhaps an insurer is disputing a claim, maybe the agent sold the wrong policy, or maybe the consumer didn't understand the kind of coverage he or she needed. Is it breach of contract or lack of due diligence? When the ramifications are important enough, affected parties are likely to want the courts to decide.

As with any liability case, understanding what led to an insurance claim is prerequisite to seeing that the case is satisfactorily resolved. This forensic approach is standard for every case taken by the Kronenberg Law team. And not only does the investigatory process inform our strategies for most successfully defending our insurance clients, what we learn can also go a long way toward fixing a problem before it comes up again.

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