Professional Liability

Professional Liability

ProfessionalLiabilityMuch is Expected of Professionals … and Those Who Defend Them 

Nobody's perfect ... or so the saying goes. Yet when one assumes the mantle of being a professional, people who've contracted for professional services have little tolerance for mistakes.

Of course, there are little mistakes and then are big mistakes. An architect who left the requested gargoyles out of his blueprint is one thing, but one whose design results in extensive property damage is another. For these, as well as other professionals (including engineers, CPAs, stock brokers, and others), the goal of liability defense is to determine whether any failure in performance actually occurred, and if so, where the lapse lies in the spectrum of seriousness.

Through the course of our careers, the attorneys at Kronenberg Law have made defending professionals in liability litigation a staple component of their legal services offerings.

We'll investigate any gap between reasonable and realistic expectations on the part of the consumer, and articulate a plan and an approach designed to achieve the most favorable resolution of the case.

If you need assistance dealing with a professional liability suit, call Kronenberg Law today.