Shipping or Transportation Litigation

shippingMeeting the Legal Challenges Faced by Logistics Companies

Shipping and transportation is an area that’s ripe for legal problems for the simple matter that on any given day there will be hundreds of accidents—of varying seriousness—that may spawn a lawsuit. Yet personal injury cases are only a single aspect of the very complex Shipping, Transportation & Logistics industry.

There are also the hurdles of regulatory compliance established by state and federal government agencies such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Likewise, OSHA and agencies with similar missions present more rules governing warehouses and shipping docks. And like any business, companies in shipping and transportation must answer to agencies such as National Labor Relations Board or the EEOC. Additionally, contract law—that establishes the responsibilities and expectations for shippers, brokers, and carriers—is another area where sound legal advice becomes highly important.

Kronenberg Law is ready and fully prepared to assist your firm with all the intricacies of Shipping & Transportation Law. From representing carriers and shippers in disputes with governmental entities, to preparing leasing agreements, contactor agreements and shipping documentation, to mounting defenses against personal injury or wrongful death claims, ours is a full service firm dedicated to helping you meet any legal challenge associated with transporting goods in the U.S.

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