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A Look At Kronenberg Law's Practice Areas

  • Personal Injury, Catastrophic Injury, or Wrongful Death

    Serious Cases of Catastrophic Injury Call for Serious Representation
    The slip-and-fall artist, the whiplash victim ... though common, such cases rarely have long-term ramifications because the injuries are overwhelmingly transient. However there are other times when the harm is all too real and far too catastrophic to dismiss. These more devastating incidents can also arise from everyday experiences—a terrible accident at an apartment complex pool, or maybe the driver of tractor trailer lost control of his rig. In these scenarios and others, a human being may have suffered a life-altering brain injury, paralysis, disfigurement, even death. In such cases, the defendant's level of exposure is extremely high, and achieving the correct outcome is critically important.

    In California, the definition of negligence is very broad, and may easily come down to ascertaining what an ordinarily reasonable person would do in circumstances similar to those in which the defendant finds himself or herself. An effective defense demands a combination of scientific and medical opinion, legal savvy and a healthy application of common sense. And in litigating a catastrophic injury or death, the defense needs a team like Kronenberg Law that is willing to explore and grapple with every relevant aspect of these compelling cases.

  • Defective Product Litigation

    There’s a Lot to Look at in Product Liability Cases
    We've all heard about these cases: vehicles prone to rollover, a hair dryer that catches fire, a space heater that gives off carbon monoxide. Sometimes an investigation will definitively prove the product was defective, or sometimes scientific inquiry will clear the product of all charges. Yet when these cases go to trial, other variables frequently come into play and must be anticipated: human emotions, the "likeability" of the involved parties, the courtroom setting ... even the case narrative that's constructed by the plaintiff.

    In a product liability case, responsibility can be apportioned between a manufacturer, distributor or retailer (as opposed to the user himself). Unfortunately judgments may be more concerned with one party's "deep pockets" rather than actual culpability. In addition to monetary awards that could reach tens of millions of dollars, also at stake is the reputation of the parties being sued. (The court of public opinion carries its own risks.) Considering all options for defending a product liability suit, selecting a cost-effective strategy, and then successfully executing that strategy—whether in negotiating a settlement, or securing a favorable court verdict—requires a skilled and experienced team of litigators. This is the scope of representation you can expect from Kronenberg Law.

  • Trucking, Shipping, and Transportation Litigation.

    Meeting the Legal Challenges Faced by Logistics Companies
    Trucking, Shipping, and Transportation Litigation is an area that’s ripe for legal problems for the simple matter that on any given day there will be hundreds of accidents—of varying seriousness—that may spawn a lawsuit. Yet personal injury cases are only a single aspect of the very complex Trucking, Shipping, and Transportation Litigation industry.

    There are also the hurdles of regulatory compliance established by state and federal government agencies such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Likewise, OSHA and agencies with similar missions present more rules governing warehouses and shipping docks. And like any business, companies in shipping and transportation must answer to agencies such as National Labor Relations Board or the EEOC. Additionally, contract law—that establishes the responsibilities and expectations for shippers, brokers, and carriers—is another area where sound legal advice becomes highly important.

    Kronenberg Law is ready and fully prepared to assist your firm with all the intricacies of Trucking, Shipping, and Transportation Litigation Law. From representing carriers and shippers in disputes with governmental entities, to preparing leasing agreements, contactor agreements and shipping documentation, to mounting defenses against personal injury or wrongful death claims, ours is a full service firm dedicated to helping you meet any legal challenge associated with transporting goods in the U.S.

  • Premises Liability

    Kronenberg Law represents landlords in all areas of litigation, including defending landlords in lawsuits brought by their tenants in the Bay Area, and throughout California. If a tenant has sued you for wrongful eviction or claims that there are habitability defects in your property, we will evaluate the merits of the tenant’s lawsuit, and assist you in defending yourself and protecting your rights as the landlord.

    Our attorneys are experienced with California eviction laws and Bay Area rent ordinances. We can evaluate a wrongful eviction case and determine the best course of action. While we may consider settling a wrongful eviction or habitability case, we are also ready to fight for your rights all the way to trial.

  • Employment Litigation

    Eye of the Beholder—Defending Discrimination and Wrongful Termination Suits
    Modern business owners and executives know that managing human resources comes with concerns far beyond time cards and vacation schedules. Who you hire and fire, as well as how they perceive the workplace environment, can all become fodder for employment litigation.

    Though business owners strive to obey the law, what that means is often fraught with gray areas: What do you do when a compliment directed to one person is taken as sexual harassment by another? When does a joke become a red flag hoisted by a hostile workplace? What does “equal opportunity” really mean? Or what constitutes “undue hardship” for a company in accommodating the ADA?

    It’s difficult to follow regulations that are constantly being reworked and rewritten, but that doesn’t stop companies from being sued. Familiarity with precedent is really the only safe harbor. Kronenberg Law has navigated these difficult situations many times for our clients, providing strenuous defense in discrimination and wrongful termination suits. In employment litigation cases, the kind of experience you’ll find at Kronenberg Law is invaluable.

  • Professional Liability

    Much is Expected of Professionals … and Those Who Defend Them
    Nobody's perfect ... or so the saying goes. Yet when one assumes the mantle of being a professional, people who've contracted for professional services have little tolerance for mistakes.

    Of course, there are little mistakes and then are big mistakes. An architect who left the requested gargoyles out of his blueprint is one thing, but one whose design results in extensive property damage is another. For these, as well as other professionals (including engineers, CPAs, stock brokers, and others), the goal of liability defense is to determine whether any failure in performance actually occurred, and if so, where the lapse lies in the spectrum of seriousness.

    Through the course of our careers, the attorneys at Kronenberg Law have made defending professionals in liability litigation a staple component of their legal services offerings.

    We'll investigate any gap between reasonable and realistic expectations on the part of the consumer, and articulate a plan and an approach designed to achieve the most favorable resolution of the case.

Case Process At Kronenberg Law

  • Investigation

    Understanding the background to a case is critical to choosing how a defense team responds. Job One is to find out what went wrong, why, who's responsible, and to what extent.

  • Assessment

    We take pride in our ability to quickly assess factors that may drive the outcome of litigation. Within 60 days of Kronenberg Law taking a case, our clients will: Receive a full description of background facts, Be counseled on the pertinent law, Receive our written opinion on the potential liability exposure,  Understand our recommendation for going forward

  • Mitigation

    There are cases that simply cannot get a favorable verdict, no matter how much we prepare, so resources would be better devoted to a settlement strategy. In such situations, we'll work to uncover any weaknesses in the plaintiff's case that can serve as leverage in settlement negotiations.

  • Trial

    The goal at Kronenberg Law is to go to trial with a "winnable" case, yet also to win cost-effectively. We'll clearly point out your options. If you do decide to go to trial, we'll be ready. At Kronenberg Law, we provide aggressive and highly knowledgeable courtroom representation.